The Man Behind 334 Marketing

Las Vegas, Nevada. The sun had just set and it was a cold chilly night at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Sports Park. It was 7:00pm when Mike Ashley was strapped into his 8000 Horsepower Nitro-Methane injected Funny Car in preparation to make his 4th and final qualifying run. Mike was the final car to attempt qualifying in front of 30,000 people watching live at the track and millions on ESPN.

The 8000 horsepower engine came to life and Mike was guided to the starting line by Crew Chief, Brian Corradi. The light turned green, Mike let out the clutch and just 4.72 seconds later Mike's Car Chief, Tom Abbett yelled into Mikes in-helmet radio; Mike... Mike... you just made history.... you just ran 334.32 MPH, that's a new World Record! It was just the beginning of what led to a record breaking season, the highlight being a win in Indy at the coveted US Nationals. Subsequently the race car was donated to charity and sold at the Barrett Jackson Auction, then donated again to a different charity and re-sold for a second time at the Barrett Jackson Auction.

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